Scorpion Home Improvements | About
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About Scorpion Home Improvements

Scorpion Home Improvements was founded in February 2016 by Jarrad Vanagas who after 10 years working in the industry for a number of double glazing companies decided it was time to go at it alone, so Scorpion was born.

Having seen many companies pressure selling and charging extortionate prices for a product that can be manufactured and sold to the customer at a fraction of the cost, we got to work in setting up our very own service.

Scorpion Home Improvements only believe in selling the best quality products at affordable prices, mainly using the REHAU profile which in our eyes is the best window on the market. We also understand that some customers have had other products fitted in their property and would like to match their windows so we also now have the advantage of being able to use other profiles to match your existing property.